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Grant Penick: Artist/Writer

It all began with me stealing printer paper from my 4th grade teacher to draw Itchy and Scratchy style comics of my dog and a friends cat. Through the destruction I put those two through, I learned quickly that I love to draw comics. The symptoms started to settle in. I started creating Osker and his world in 1999 where I lived in Saudi Arabia which all I did was draw. From there it got worse and worse, I drew all the time, even at restaurants bringing my sketchbook everywhere I went. It became clear to me that I needed to create a comic with him in it. I now draw every waking hour that I am able to where it has become clear that I am doomed.

Alix Osborn: Editor

Alexandria a.k.a. Alix has been tasked with the enormous job of making sure my grammar is in check with this comic so I don’t mess up they’re, their, or there…