Osker is a normal guy in a not so normal world. Two hundred thousand years after the near destruction of the Earth, fungus has become the dominant life form, mutating both plants and creatures. The environment itself has become so hostile and unforgiving, humanity has had to adapt to survive. After waking up from a nightmare, he comes in contact with a creature who would forever change the course of his life.

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Osker: A guy that lives in a remote village on the outskirts of Zhokaar. His daily duties include shroom picking for local shamans to use in their medicinal remedies. He is the son of two of the most renowned Ancient researchers.

Ryka: Shaman of the local village, Qur, where Osker lives. She first meets Osker after she finds him pierced by the Mutate’s barb. She lives in solitude in the swamp near Qur, where she studies Ancients and makes her living crafting remedies for the residents of the village. She is an aspiring Sage.

MUTATES: Creatures of the world who contracted a strain of fungus that turns them rabid. They absorb animals, people and other mutates, to grow and gain strength.


Imps – Very close to their origin creature with very few mutations. Nuisances, mostly.

Fiends – Average evolved state. These beings have been mutated for at least a decade. They are considered medium threat level, but can wreck havoc on a small town. No threat to those in cities or large towns that are well guarded.

Behemoths – Very evolved mutates, several decades to hundreds of years old. The more dangerous ones have lived for thousands of years. They can level smaller villages and towns, and are a huge threat to larger cities.



Populated with fungus based vegetation. Most living beings reside in canyons, made by the cracking of the planet during the cataclysm.


The Ruins: